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FHA Home Loans are a Boon to First Time Home Buyers

Loan & Credit Facts

First time home buyers and those who don’t have sufficient funds to buy a home are those who benefit from FHA home loans. These FHA home loans are the housing loans offered by the government organization, the Federal Housing Administration.

The FHA had actually started offering this loan knowing that owning a home is an important and powerful investment and that there are many people who have a bad credit score, who find it difficult to buy a loan, but can manage a mortgage payment.

FHA Home Loans Offer Insurance To The Lender

It is the FHA who helps here by working on behalf of the borrower by providing insurance of the borrower to the insurer. With this insurance, if the borrower fails to make a payment, then the policy repays the lender.

With these loans, you can buy a home by paying a minimal down payment on the loan with 3% interest rates. However it should be remembered that these FHA home loans programs are not in any way responsible for making home loans; they are only responsible for insuring the loans.

Make Sure You Can Make Initial Payments For The Loan

To qualify for FHA home loans, you have to have a good and not necessarily, an excellent credit history, but of course, you need sufficient income. Moreover, the monthly installment of the loan should not be more than 29% of your monthly income.

The total monthly costs for the loan not only include your installment, but also interest, insurance and property taxes. In addition to this, you should have sufficient money to place an initial down payment during closing time of the loan.

The closing costs are usually 2-3% of the price of your home, and include homeowner’s insurance, attorney fees, insurance titles and private insurance mortgage and title search fee. So it is important that you be able to make all these payments before you take an FHA home loan.

You have to visit the FHA website to get FHA home loans. This is where you can find out if you are eligible for their loans. You can also find out more information about the loans and any extra requirements that may be required to get the loan. By applying for your loan in this website, you are sure of being offered legitimate rates worth thinking about.

In a nutshell, these FHA home loans are the best options for those people who thought they could never buy a home because of their average credit scores and their financial situation.

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