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Washington Mutual Home Loans Interest Rates Can Be Changed As Required

Loan & Credit Facts

One of the better options for you to use for buying your dream home is Washington mutual home loans. This program was started in 1890 with the first installment mortgage loan and since then, Washington mutual has been coming up with new ideas to implement in the loan market.

When you apply for Washington mutual home loans, you find that you are provided with personal and knowledgeable service by a great team of home loan professionals who work at creating the best plan for you. And being flexible and innovative in its solutions, Washington mutual can offer you unmatched home financing options for flexibility and innovativeness.

One of the Washington mutual home loans is the WaMu Mortgage Plus, which is basically a home loan offer which combines the first mortgage, with a home equity line of credit to make a single loan. In addition to all this, these loans offer no closing fees, instant access to equity and have a provision where you can change the interest rate on the mortgage twice a year.

Change your Interest Rates over the Phone

With Washington mutual home loans, it is possible for you to move from one interest rate to another in a matter of 15 minutes; either in person or over the phone. If you intend to do it in person, you just have to go to any Home Loan Center or any Retail Banking Store.

The first interest reset that is made is free while all additional resets are available at a fee of $250. You can make a maximum of two resets in a year while changing from a fixed rate option to a variable rate option is available to you for free.

All this shows that the Washington mutual homes loans is the best loan a borrower can get for buying the dream home. You can also choose between a fixed and variable rate loan, and interest only or fully amortized payments, depending on your financial condition.

There is No Need for Any Additional Financing with Washington Mutual Home Loans

In addition to this, with Washington mutual home loans, if you need additional finance through your home equity, there is no need to get any additional finance. Even if you require finance for other reasons like college tuition or to pay off high interest rates, there is no need for making any additional finance.

This is because once principal payments are made towards the loan; the equity line of your home is increased and can be used once again. This shows that Washington mutual home loans are innovative, cheap and flexible mortgage products available today.

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