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´╗┐Choosing the Right Lender of Mortgage Loans Is Not Difficult

Loan & Credit Facts

Purchasing a first home is very exciting and usually the biggest investment that most people make in their lifetime.

To pre-qualify for mortgage loans involves providing the lender with personal information such as income, assets and liabilities. Although the lender gives you a rough estimate of the maximum amount you qualify for, there is no charge for this service from the lender. This is a very informal process where the information is not checked and there is no formal agreement on approving mortgage loans to the client.

Pre-qualification of mortgage loans gives you a broad idea of how much money you may be able to borrow from a lender and the price range to look in for a home. There is no guarantee when it comes to pre-qualification of mortgage loans but the lender does give you an idea so you can decide if you are ready or willing to borrow that amount.

The pre-approval process, when it comes to mortgage loans, is entirely different from the pre-qualification process, which is very informal.

The pre-approval process is formal with the lender checking such things as your financial information, credit history, employment records and other information. This helps the lender decide whether you have the financial ability to qualify for mortgage loans.

Once the lender pre-approves your mortgage loans, you have the security of knowing that, when you find your dream home, a pre-approval helps strengthen your position if you decide to make an offer. Sellers are usually more willing to take offers from already pre-approved buyers because there is no waiting period to find out if the person putting in an offer qualifies for any mortgage loans.

Some popular sources for mortgage loans include banks, mortgage brokers, and real estate agents. It is important to understand about the different lenders so you can make an educated choice perfect for you.

Traditional mortgage loans sources are banks and they offer attractive terms and good interest rates. Although banks are a good place to get a mortgage loans, they are all different, so shop around. A few drawbacks to bank mortgage loans are their mortgage programs are limited and not very flexible. Mortgage brokers are the most popular source for borrowers looking for mortgage loans. Their clients come first and with access to a huge amount of mortgage providers, mortgage brokers shop the marketplace looking for the best mortgage for their clients.

Selling houses as a career, real-estate agents often introduce their new homebuyers to lenders of mortgage loans. It is important when looking for mortgage loans to make yourself knowledgeable as possible and shop around.

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