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Reaping Positive Results from the Faltering Florida Real Estate

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Over the previous half of the century, Florida experienced a population boom of huge proportions. This can be attributed to the phenomenal rate of foreign and local migration.
With this, a 1995 study has forecasted that by 2015, Florida’s population will be more than New York. As we all know, Florida has one of the world’s most lucrative real estate markets.

In the recent years, Florida real estate prices have been soaring, producing a market that allows investors to purchase properties at formidable prices while selling them with high prices in just a short span of time.

However, in June 2006, home sales decreased by 30 percent throughout the state. This is true as well in terms of condominium sales which shrank by 35 percent. During the recent years, real estate experts have come to reveal that the values of Florida real estate are steadily dropping. They have come to conclude that investing in Florida real estate is disastrous. A lot of them have actually referred to appreciation rates as “crash”.

However, some articles about the Florida real estate trends countered this belief.

One of the sites that projected counterarguments is Accordingly, an author insisted on the presence of elements that attribute to a developing real estate market, which will rescue the Florida real estate market from any chance of doom.

According to the article, a more recent research accounted for a more positive perspective towards the decrease in appreciation rate. This finding justifies that a healthy Florida real estate will be formidable again as signs of a sound market are present. These signs include escalating real estate market, entry of both domestic and international immigration, fertility rate, decreasing mortgage interest rates, and absence of undeveloped lands.

In terms of population, Florida is one of the fastest growing states in the world. At present, Florida has a population of over 18,000,000 that represents an 11 percent increase from 2000. Yearly, an estimated 70,000 people move to Florida.

This circumstance is coupled by the high fertility rate among the locals. It cannot be denied as well that the domestic migration adds to its population blast.

On the other hand, a good job market trend also contributes significantly to the healthy Florida real estate market.

In a recent study conducted by the Bizjournals, it was revealed that Cape Coral-Fort Myers has the most positive job market, with a total of 230,000 jobs. Lakeland, Sarasota-Bradenton, Orlando, and Miami-Fort Lauderdale are five of the top ten job markets across the nation, thus making a rise in Florida real estate quite inevitable.

With the shrinking real estate prices, people can purchase property easily while benefiting from the booming job market.

Despite the decline in Florida real estate, a number of good things can still come out of this depreciation. Fortunately, the status of Florida real estate can still be considered healthy because of the domestic migration and the favorable job market.

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