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´╗┐Managing and Paying Student Loans

Student loans are considered by many students to be the only way to be able to finance their way through post secondary education since scholarships, which don't need to be paid back, don't cover the full cost of tuition, books and living expenses. Typically student loans are in important factor in deciding what college or complete a four year degree owing about $19,237 in outstanding student loans. This number is from the National Postsecondary Student Aid Study and was from data collected in 2003-2004. There is approximately 66% of all students in college level graduating classes that will have at least this level of students loans to repay when they graduate, with the other 34% either debt free or owning debts that were not taken out as specific student loans.

Typically a graduate level student will have significantly higher levels of student loans, however they will also be earning a higher income upon graduation. The range of additional debt for graduate students is between twenty seven and one hundred and fourteen thousand dollars over and above that of a bachelor level graduate. It may be difficult for graduate students to fully fund their graduate programs and classes solely on student loans, so many choose to work or to complete graduate courses on a part-time basis to spread out the payments and partially or fully fund their graduate studies. Courses of study such as medical school, law school or other programs may make working almost impossible, leaving these students with fewer options.

In most cases student loan debt is relatively easy to manage and various programs offer deferred payment dates and other options to help graduates get on their feet in the workforce before loan payments are required. Unfortunately many students don't manage or understand the student loan repayment process and they end up defaulting on the loan, resulting in different consequences depending on the terms of the loan.

In some cases a loan forgiveness program that is based on volunteer work with specific organizations or even military service may be an option for students that want to pay off student loans without actually having to pay the money directly to the loan company. Working in these programs not only pays off the loan but it also helps develop a resume and provide real world work experience. These programs tend to focused on humanitarian type volunteer settings but may also include areas of specialization depending on your degree and interest in working in different areas. To find out if you would qualify for a loan forgiveness program talk to your financial department at your college or university or contact any community based human resource of employment agency.