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Sallie Mae Student Loans – What You Need To Know

Sallie Mae student loans are some of the most popular and common types of student loans in the United States. Sallie Mae student loans are available in both government and private form, and may be for undergraduate, graduate or even a consolidation loans. Since Sallie Mae is now a privately owned company, they are able to offer more diverse loan options for students than they have been able to in the past when they were under government loan restrictions.

Sallie Mae student loans are geared for different types of students and the parents of students that are attending colleges, universities and trade schools. They offer undergraduate, graduate and consolidation loans for students, and additional parent PLUS loans that are designed to assist families in supporting their children through their college years. Each loan type has its advantages as well as potential disadvantages, so researching and talking to a financial advisor at the college or university as well as taking a good look at your own financial standing is important before applying for any type of student or parent loan.

One of the benefits in obtaining Sallie Mae student loans is that all the various types of loans are offered through the Sallie Mae Foundation. This means that students and parents only have to work through one financial institute and typically loan paperwork is less demanding after the original or first year loan has been approved. Online forms and easy to access online information about the various types of loans offered by Sallie Mae make research as well as comparing loans side by side easy and straightforward. In addition Sallie Mae student loans are provided for graduate students either on a full time or part time enrollment basis.

Sallie Mae student loans include the federal Stafford Loan program which can be subsidized or unsubsidized, depending on the financial standing and circumstance for the student. In addition they offer the Signature Student Loan, which can be combined with a Stafford Loan to more completely cover the cost of higher education. In addition various grants, bursaries or scholarships are also factored into both the Stafford and Signature Student loans to ensure that there is enough funding for the requirements of the student. To apply for either loan a student has to be a permanent resident alien or a recognized international student as defined by the terms of the loan agreement and the federal government. International students may also apply for Sallie Mae student loans although they are required to complete a different type of application.

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