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Loan Modification - How To Do It Yourself

Today's stressed-out bill-payers are looking for loan modification success through mortgage brokers or consultants. Why not learn how to do it yourself?

Should I Pay My Mortgage Or My Student Loans?

Since the advent of student eduction loans, much less this tight job market, graduates face the challenge of student loan repayment, often compounded with bill collectors calling about other credit issues ranging from car loan payments to credit card bills or even a late mortgage payment.

Are you in denial? Do you feel you should just work harder to pay your bills? Most struggling homeowners feel guilty and embarrassed to ask their lender to modify a loan.

Snap out of it! The job and housing crisis affects nearly everyone. Lenders are just as much to blame. Bottom line - why be a martyr when you can do something about it?

New Incentives Create More Loan Modification Success

The Making Home Affordable (MHA) plan went into effect on March 4, 2009 to relax refinancing requirements. The MHA plan gives lenders an incentive (up to $1000) to help keep people in their homes longer by avoiding foreclosure.

The U.S. Treasury established steps called the "Standard Waterfall," as guidelines for lenders to perform a cost analysis, and decide if the incentive payments will give them a better outcome than foreclosure. Lenders must verify income and get the mortage payment down to 31% of the gross monthly income (the 31% debt-to-income ratio, or DTI).

Loan Modification - How To Do It Yourself

Many loan modification firms were started by subprime mortgage brokers who were out of work after the 2008 real estate collapse. Charging as much as $4,500, they may not provide the service you deserve; e.g. taking the bank's first offer so they can move on to new clients.

Why hire a huckster "loan mod consultant" (that may even be operating without a license) when you can do a better job yourself at a fraction of the cost?

After all, if you had an extra $3000 lying around, you'd have used it to pay your mortgage or college debt!

You don't need a lawyer. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars.

  • You DO need to get your story straight

  • You DO need to submit a well-organized application

  • You DO need to understand the process

  • You DO need the proper tools and support!

60-Minute Loan Modification Helps You Lower Your Monthly Payment & Interest Rate Fast!

Here's where genuine support from someone like Mike Rockwood come in. Mike is a real estate agent and one of the leading authorities on do-it-yourself loan modification.

With 60-Minute Loan Modification plan and Mike's follow-up email support, you'll do your application right the first time and avoid risking rejection.

In the downloadable package is a Loan Modification Workbook and several bonuses. The many support tools you'll receive, to name just a few, include:

  • Sample loan modification applications

  • Loan modification hardship letter sample

  • Loan modification example of how Mike modified four rental properties

  • Negotiating Tips

  • Forms and spreadsheets

  • Negotiating recordings you can listen to for practice

  • How to modify credit card debt report

  • and too much more to list here ...

  • MHA Plan Loan Modification Deadline Is 2012

    If you have bill collectors calling, you'll have to act fast because the MHA plan for loan modification is only available through 2012.

    To see if loan modification - how to do it yourself is the right plan for you, check it out through the ad on the left or at 60-Minute Loan Modification. We think you will be impressed too!

    The best news? For a short time, Mike Rockwood is offering 60-Minute Loan Modification for less than half the regular price.

    If you are wondering "how can I pay my student loans" and "how will I pay my mortgage?" then there is no time to waste. 60-Minute Loan Modification helps you lower your monthly payment & interest rate fast.

    The sooner you have loan modification success, the more money you will save over the long run.

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